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totaled Ferrari 360 modena - take II

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From Perth Street Bikes site...
"So i'm admiring this Ferrari in the servo carpark this arvo, and i took this snap with the phone....
a few hours later i'm having a smoke talking to rooster, when the same Ferrari arcs up the tyres and proceeds to run straight into the traffic lights.... the whole beer garden cheers and claps... he blew 0.26"

And more...
"So, this old fella, around 50-60yo is drinking in the pub all afternoon, he's pissed when i get there at 5. I actually cut him off, but didnt kick him out, i guess he sat on his last pint for the better part of an hour.

I'd been over to the BP to say hi to Rathora and hes like "check out that Ferrai" which was parked close to the front door, in true Borat style i comment "Is niiice"

So about an hour so i observe this old boy, skinny ol white guy, stagger out of the pub, as per usual i shake my head in dissaproval and watch him walk over to the BP as most drunks do. Much to my total dismay he opens the door of this ****in car and gets in it! I'm standing there, jaw open thinking, "act now, grab the keys!" but he just whizzes past past and pulls up at the Mends And Mill Point Intersection at a red light waiting to turn left.

The crowd on the balcony turn to check out the car and give him a cheer he responds by revving the engine and either pulling the bird or giving the crowd a wave, i couldnt see. So the light turns green and STUPIDLY he just plants it! In a ****in Ferrai he just stomps on it, now thats a tight left hand turn at the best of times, i think he thought he was driving a Falcon and could spin the wheels but no, with all the traction control that thing has it just launched it like a bullet, he didnt even make it half way through the turn and BAM © head first into the Traffic light.

And then the circus began.

Everyone rushed the balcony and started taking pictures and jeering him, i got to him and asked if he was ok, "I had my seatbelt on, hic" was his reply. I didnt see any seatbelt, my guess is he didnt, anyway he was ok.

So he calmly put the soft top up and gets out, im on the phone to both the cops and to Sabre1, one phone on each ear and this guy turns to me and says '**** this, i'm outta here!" and starts hurrying off.

The cops asked me to detain him so i grabbed him, sat him down (after he had been into the bar, but didnt get a drink) sat him down and said "sit the **** down and dont ****ing move" and went back to talking on the phone. People swarmed the car and footpath and in the bustle he jumped up and legged it through the car park. Big M the bouncer chased him with a couple of bar staff one of which went tits up in the pursuit and face planted the ground, he was not punched, he was pissed too and didnt see the chain barrier at the bottle shop, we all got a laugh outta that because he came back insisting he'd been punched when really he had just gone guts up in the car park, funny stuff.

Anyway Big M bought him back and sat him down for the cops.

Cops came and took him away. And yes he blew 0.24 which is obviously 3 times over the limit, he staggered into teh cop car. **** him.

So, $380K+ car, over $50K damage to it and no insurance. He'll probably have to pay for the damaged traffic light as well.

And that was the end of that.

I hate drink drivers, there could have been kids coming home from the zoo standing there so **** him, i nearly gave him a back hand just for being a tool, then i looked at his car and just smiled. Karma is a bitch.

I got tonnes of pics but have no data cable, theyre the same as everyone else anyhow.

You wanna know the funniest thing? There was a presentation on road safety with the Ministers for transport and road safety less than 50m away in an old theatre. The photographer from the West Australian popped over and took some happy snaps for the paper.

Anyway, Stupid hurts.



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stoopid idiot
****ing stupid.
well, he's not going to be insured so that might teach him.
Stoooopid is as Stoooopid does [clap] :police: [clap] :police: [laugh] :police: [laugh]

Just got pointed at this site today:

Maybe submit those pics :)
DesmoFan said:
Anyway, Stupid hurts.

Duh I like to help you sir, but I just can`t fix stupid!!! ;D :D ::) [cheeky] [thumbsup] [clap] [laugh]
The economy is booming in WA, even pissed idiots can afford ferrari's... [laugh]
It was Carla Zampatti's nephew....if that means anything to anyone....

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