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Tools for m900

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I have a lot of tools...but I will need more after the Monster purchase. ;D
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My favorite tools for my 95 M900 include:

vernier calipers with metric scale (surprising how much stuff you'll want to check quickly with is)

full set of Craftsman T-handles metric allen wrenches
and in addition

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 14mm hex-key sockets (the first three for where the T-handles don't work or a little impact assist is needed and the 14mm for the front axle) I ended up making a 14mm slug that I stick in a 14mm socket for that one.

22mm socket for rear axle nuts

Pit Bull rear stand

I use an engine hoist to lift the front by the frame behind the steering head. That way I can pull anything including forks.
I've seen pics of others using hoists hung from shop ceilings and from homebuilt frames over the front of the bike.

And if you are going to do your own valve checks and/or adjustments - decent micrometer and good feeler gauges.
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One thing I forgot to mention - when I'm looking for just one socket, the pawn shops around here typically charge me .50 each for anything other than Craftsman sockets. They keep the Craftsman in a separate bin and charge the premium price of $1 each. I almost always find the size I need.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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