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To lower or not?

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Hi all
Think of having the dealer lower my 2002 S4 1 inch...
I dont have to do it but it would ne nice to put both feet down flat......Will it change the bike alot???
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Norm; short on ground clearance???
I've got about 1/4" of chicken strip on my tires, and IMHO, that qualifies as spirited riding. Haven't dragged anything yet.......

I've got my S4 set up with static sag at 1 1/2" front, 1 7/8" rear.
That's probably more sag than most people run, but I don't bottom out on big bumps, so it's OK in my book.
I'm about 160 lbs ready to ride.
I'm running less spring preload than stock, so if you're lighter than me, you could probably get it a 1/2" lower just by setting the sag right.
If you haven't set the static sag yet, try that before you lower it.
Have you changed your battery yet?
No dogg,
Ordered replacement from interstate battries....should be in this week....gel type battery, for 75.00 should work out ok?
I looked in the "battery" thread, and saw that you ordered the yt-12b-x from Interstate. Similar P/N to the Yuasa YT12B-BS, could well be a battery made by Yuasa for Interstate.

It can't be any worse than the GS units.
Ya know, Speeddog, there's a reason they call them chicken (or pussy) stripes!!
Nah, they're smart strips. I've got more tire left if I need it...... ;D
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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