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Tire mileage

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How may miles can I get out of a Pirelli Dragon Evo tires (stock on '03 800)?

Whta is the maximum width that can be placed on the rear rim without sacrifice?

What type of sport tires are suggested for street that are good for everyday usage and are good in rainy, slick conditions (whenever I get caught)?
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I'm running Avon AV 45/46 ST combo on mine. I just measured the wear this afternoon, and in 1500 miles the center of the rear has lost 1/32 inch. At that rate, I should get about 6,000 miles out of it.

I love them. They stick really well. Had them in the mountains once and was impressed. Good feel and stable. This morning I spun up the rear big time crossing a white crosswalk stripe lengthwise at the apex of a wide left turn. (At about 35-40 rolling on throttle) :eek: Rear end stepped out smoothly until it found asphalt again, then settled down without jerking or anything to raise my pulse suddenly. They felt good in the couple of rain storms I've run through, also.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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