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Here's something i have no idea about. and I don't think I have seen a thread on DML.. Tire Inspection.

It so happend that i had to ride over some broken glass today...and i wanted to kick myself for doing it.

I stop immediately..(in an empty parking lot ofcourse) and sit on the pavement and inspected my tires for any glass pieces sticking onto it...

It seemed allright...but i am still worried...
And to add to my woes those lane markers on the freeways!!!..when u go over them..it sounds as if they are ripping the rubber off !!

My worries are this :
1. Do those lane marker bump things damage the tires?

2. What are the major signs of tire damage?
deep cracks?? odd shape?


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Check the tread area for any deep gouges.

The most important thing to do (regularly) is just check the tire pressures.

The buttons on the road will not do any damage to your tire. You probably just hear them more because you are not locked inside a cage.
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