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Tinted Windscreen

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Has anyone tried applying automotive window tinting to a motorcycle windscreen? Does it work? :-/
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The stock Monster bubble has a lot of compound curve to it, I think you'd have a terrible time with wrinkles. But I've never worked with the stuff, so..........

These guys have 9 colors of bubbles to fit early and late Monsters:
Prices are reasonable.
anybody seen a carbon fiber replacement for the monster wind shield... I saw one on the web somewhere for the 916/996/748, but have yet to come across one for the monster...
DP has six of 'em. Early style, late style like what came on your S4, 3 different styles with clear bubbles, and a little one that's basically a gauge cover.

I can post a pic if you like, which style are you interested in?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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