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klp110 said:
i'm looking at the monster620 and would like some input from fellow az folks. it's my first bike and want something not too much but handles nice and capable of one multidaytrip a year. i'm not interested in a speester either. My first road bike! I still have it after 3 years!
will i feel beat up after 300-400 miles a day? You can do it but you better get an after market seat and wind screen!!
can you really take this off road like unpaved grated roads without much trouble? Hmm..not really!
are these bikes a maintenance mayhem? Mine 620 has had its fair share but I have almost 50K miles on my '03
anything else you might find helpful chime in! Lots of info on the DML and several riders in yur area and Phoenix to ride with! The Catalinas are awesome to ride on a Duc!!
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