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There is a new Monster among us!!!!

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congrats! be sure to take some pictures when you take custody of it!
Nice! You're gonna love it! ;D
Thanks. I think i got a good deal. Im salivating at the thought of this machine living in my garage.

VERY nice!

Is it too early to be jealous you out bidding freak?! It was mine I tell you... MINE!!!... Just kidding... Nice to see I wasn't the only person bidding... Bad to see I wasn't the person that gets to bring that beautiful bike home...

Now then... congrats... and take care of La Bella Rossi... or I'll have to come to you and take her from you...
Im not sorry i won the auction, but part of me feels a teensy bit bad about depriving the last high bidder of this machine. Oh, Ill take care of her, no need to come steal it.

I never said "steal"...
No, I know. I knew what you meant :)

FYI: I just had the pleasure the other day of trying out Michael Moore's 2000 900i.e.. I'd definitely be looking at those if I were in the market for a different bike.
Ive checked that page out, thats one bad mofo :)

Ahhh brings back memories.

I too bought my low mileage bike on e bay back in Feb. It only had 379 miles on it, and I got it for 4000 bucks! I was soo happy! Wait until you ride it, its so smooth, you're going to love it! I still feel the same way I did about my Monster the first day I bought it.

Man, and here I though _I_ got a good deal :)

when do ya get it?
when do ya get it!? ;D
Well, the shipper is picking it up Friday morning. I may have it Saturday :) :) :) Not that i could ride it or anything :mad: :mad: :mad:

Well, you can "ooh" and "aahh" and tinker and grin. ;D Enjoy!

ouch! Just read your other post. January 3rd?!! I feel you bro; that sucks. ???

Yeah, bummer. On the upside, if all my high bidders come through and pay like they're supposed to, Ill have my Leo Vinci high pipes and bar end mirrors paid for ;D

1 - 10 of 21 Posts
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