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So, there we were, in Iraq, beginning and ending almost everyday with a debate over which bike we would buy when we came home after our deployment. Which bike had the cajones to throw those rocks that would grab our short lived but intense attentions. S3? ZX10R? Mille Factory? R1? Monster? Dare I say it,.. V11. So the soap box would be passed, night after night. Mortars, gun fire from the protecting sentries on the walls, and more debates and "what if"s. Streetfighter? Cafe? Sportbike?

We are brothers, deployed to Baghdad, room mates and would wake up and hear the other say, "Dude, the S3 has more power, better handling, better maint, better mileage, and a triple's howl!"

"Sure, but will it be dated in 7 years, or will it be a classic?

Will it be something you are in love with still, or something that you will be looking for a replacement for?"

"True. Dude,... You are so right," I would be forced to reply.

Galen could always find that corner and bend it straight. d**n.

"Dude, what about the V11. She is cafe, she is a twin, she is a tractor with tractor reliability! Sweet. I dont' have to have the faaastest thing."

I can hear Galen say it now, just like it was 5 minutes ago,"Dude, she is a tractor,..... (long pause, as that is all he REALLY needed to say)

when you are 75 you can get one."

"Dude. True. You are so right." d**n, I would have to say it. It was the truth, and we both knew it, I guess I just needed to hear it from him. Hearing it from anyone else would tick me off, but he knew our issues. Our, um,.. speeding issues.

So, we debated some more.

Hell, we even argued about it sometimes! Waking up, putting on Desert uniforms, DCUs, and going to our platoon morning meetings. But sitting there, whispering about the bikes. The choices to be had, and worst of all, what the possibilities we had with those choices.

We would sit in a briefing, and after 10 minutes and losing interest FAST, we would jot down modifications to certain bikes,.. in order of priority. LOL. And everyone thought we were amazing note takers!

So he gets a crazy steal on an S4. Yellow with carbon this and that, and Arrow pipes.

He sets it up so that the bike will be ready when we come home.

And then someone sells it!

Arun at MotoCorsa in Portland finds out and makes good on his word and sells him a lower mileage dark grey S4, adding the Arrows for the same price. Plus, as a Galen Bonus, it is the VERY bike Halley Berry rode in "Catwoman". Sweet Victory.

Independent from his decision, as he hadnt' told me yet, I found a great deal on an 05 S4R. Stock, black with white rims.

We share info and laugh, drink some Glenfidich that he resourced, and hug eachother in disbelief and relief with the knowledge that one didn't buy a cafe/streetfighter while the other bought a hyper-performance liter bike.

We come home and pick up our bikes.

I wreck mine, he joins a task force to go down to the AZ border and patrol. With his S4.

So, my S4R is being rebuilt in my living room, and he is strafing the midnight roads along the Arizona border.

I rode that thing, and I love it.

Soon my Brother,

Soon I will have my cafe bike out and ready,

Soon you will be home,

And soon we will strafe the Pacific NW on booming Monsters.


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Nice, glad you guys made it home ok.

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Calvin, you gotta be safe. These are the times, when you are "almost" home.

Keep your head down, and let the M249 belt out like a banshee! You most likely have something bigger though, LOL.

I will get ahold of my bro and hopefully you guys can get some rides in.

Be safe.

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That was really nice, bro.

Glad you made it home safe! [thumbsup]

-A1C Rosenow
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