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As I said "There is much sadness in racing"

Saturday was an awesome day, ran practice the bike was real strong and I felt great. This was going to be a good day.I could feel it.

First race was Ultralight Supersport (8 laps). Got the green and got off the line in second. Into turn 3 and all of the sudden Im in FIRST!!! Whoo Hoo!!! I put my head down and just kept riding. about lap 4 I sensed something there going into 3. Yep theres a bike there trying go up the inside. Off with the brakes and head back down and RIDE! I didnt see him again and now know I let up just abit too much. Last lap Im in the clear and its a 1st place !!!!

Second race is the Ultralight Torphy dash (14 laps) My start this time wasnt as good, but I was in 2nd by turn three and not really gaining on first (which is the other Monster in the class) We set off to just pretty much keep the gap between us and we get away from the rest of the field and I finish in 2nd, and qualify for the Framsted Cup.
So a good day as far as Im concerned.

Sunday Morning, it looked like rain so I cut up a set of used DOTs and made some intermediate rains these should be ok.
Well the rain never came and thats ok too, cuz who likes to be wet?
Practice was good and I felt good once again.

Race 1 is the Framstead Cup which is a no points race in Memorium of Don Framstead, one of our club founders. Its a handicap start affair that pits the top 3 in each class of the Tropy Dashes. Starts are determined by averaging lap times and the bigger bikes are handicapped that way. So essentially everyone should end up at the finish at the same time.

So on to the race. Im on the front row and were off. I get a decent start and follow the other Monster into the infield we go into 7-8 and all the sudden Red flag!!! Damn a restart!!!
So we get restarted and Im in the lead all the way to the 2nd to the last lap . All of the sudden theres the other Monster hes riding good so he gets ahead of me in 3. No problem Ill just hang behind him and try to make my move in 10. So I set him up for 10 and make my move on what was flagged as the white flag lap. I get by him light up the rear tire get sideways and beat him to the line WHOO HOO!!!! I get the win.....Wait!!! They are now showing and waving the white flag at us again!! WTF!?!?!? Apparently they screwed up and showed us the white 1 lap too early. DAMN! So its back off to the races again. He gets ahead of me and I go off after him. I pass him into 3 and get abit wide and he gets a better drive into 4 and he gets by me. I have no choice but to follow him again, by this time Im just burnt and am having a major armpump and cant get the brakes right so I try to keep up but hes got me beat. I end up 2nd. All in all they admit they screwed up and say theres nothing they can do about it. But its cool because the guy who rides the other Monster is a good friend and as long as its him. I dont have a problem with that. I was pmore pissed about how they screwed up that whole race thing but hey thats racing.

Next race up was rigt after the Framstead, so its a quick splash of gas and back on the track. I get back from the warm up lapo and I can now smell oil burning. I look down and Ive got oil all over the back of the engine so I get oiff the line and go to the garage.
Backe at the garage I check it out and find Ive got a bad base gasket. (Must be Kims bad Karma, j/k Kim) So Im done for the weekend. Much sadness. Oh well its off to Iowa next month.

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I dont know what you are complaining about John. Sounds to me like you had a good weekend other than your gasket problem at the end. You got a 1st and the leak didnt happen until Sunday. It COULD HAVE taken you out for the whole weekend! So drink a juice box and chill. I would be pretty happy with those results- oh yeah, and you didnt crash- thats another bonus!!! 8)

Damn, I thought it was going to be sumthin' bad!

John it sounds like you did really well!!!
I like the Kenny Roberts picture of you cutting up your tire for the rain.
So the way I see it a 1st, a 2nd, another 1st really, their bad, and then the base gasket, ducati bad.
congrats, John.
Juice boxes on me!
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