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Hi All, I am just here to share my knowledge and maybe solve an oil leak issue that had me baffled for a while.

I have recently purchased a 2002 Monster S4 and love it. It has replaced my good old Yamaha TRX-850 that served me well for 5 years or so:) The day I brought my S4 home in the back of my van and took it for my first ride I was impressed. however next morning, just below the kick stand a small pool of oil:eek: , I called the shop where I got it from and explained the oil. I was told that it could just be chain lube that has been thrown behind the sprocket cover and dripping out from there. So I took some degreaser and cleaned the area and went for a short ride, 50kms or so and parked it back in the garage. after a coffee and a snack, another pool of oil:eek: I thought it may have been the slave cylinder so I removed the sprocket cover and slave cylinder, rotated the slave so I could see the back of it and squeezed the clutch lever.....
I saw that there was a small 3mm hole just below the o'ring seal and it had oil sitting in it, and as I squeezed the clutch this oil moved and dripped a little, so off I went and purchased a new slave. bolted it on and convinced I had fixed the problem I took it for another blast.
When returning I parked it back in its spot, the next morning I checked it and guess what, A POOL OF OIL...!!!:mad: Now I was pissed..!!!!! So back off with the sprocket cover and slave for an even closer examination???
I noticed that where the clutch push rod stuck out of the engine there was oil on the push rod and surrounding area, I pulled the push rod out a bit to see if the o'ring seals may have been a bit worn? I pulled it out about half way and I could not even see o'rings, I pulled it all the way out and guess what??? Someone had put the push rod in the wrong way round:mad: I was angry and sort of relieved at the same time, So I cleaned everything spotless and reassembled it the right way and wow!!! No more pool of oil;D, So people, I thought I would share this story in case there is someone out there in Ducati world pulling there hair out with the same problem..

Cheers Iceman 8)
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