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The boys are back in town....

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that's code for back in the saddle soon.......have a great week-end everyone, ride safe......and gawd don't post you gotta end your ride for free food.....such heresy....spend a month without your bike and you will understand.......see ya next week-end!

ciao bella.......
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Re: The boys are almost back in town....

kevin, I am tellin ya- go take that 748 for a test ride tomorrow. Tell them if you are going to consider buying you have to hit the alphabets to make sure she can handle em! Or maybe we could go to the shop over there at 3rd and Washington? Rent some of those mini choppers and tear up the city? We can hang at my crib. I will show you my hood.
Re: The boys are almost back in town....

what a crappy day. I dont know who all was with yesterday. Hope they had enough to take care of the situation effectively.
I decided to be a bum today. Laid in bed until 11. Watching the game right now.
let me know if you hear anything else about Matt
that was cruel Kevin........
If I end up getting trapped at home for the bbq biz, cleaning/prep/etc, I suppose you can take mine out for a bit.
women are sensitive like that. She would probably give you a hard time for getting on another girl.
4 I guess. If any of you are around and want to swing by, feel free.
Hey tony I rode the bike down and she is parked in the 4th and marquette lot if you want to see her.
I may just do that. I dont really have much going on today and it is a beautiful day out there. Are you parked down by the BMW bikes- first floor by the fence?
Hey tony I rode the bike down and she is parked in the 4th and marquette lot if you want to see her.
sweet ride Matt! You do know that the stripe makes it go faster, right?
What time do you get off tonight? I am stuck here until 5 but I am itching for a ride now.
I really dig the pipes. You will be the only one in the crew with twin pipes like that.
If you want to go for a ride, let me know. I will be home by 5:15- I live right across the river 5th st NE and 3rd ave. ( 2 blocks from Conga/ Ground Zero)
what do you do at Bennigans? I have gone down there a few times for happy hour. Maybe I will swing by tonight for a few.
yeah, lets go for a ride. I have to walk home. My sis bailed on me. it only takes about 20 minutes. Just meet me in the lot at my building I will IM you the directions/address
good idea. send it IM though. You dont want a bunch of weirdos calling you. :eek:
Just in time for the snow too ;)
I hear the highs are only supposed to be in the 50's this weekend. :(
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