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The boys are back in town....

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that's code for back in the saddle soon.......have a great week-end everyone, ride safe......and gawd don't post you gotta end your ride for free food.....such heresy....spend a month without your bike and you will understand.......see ya next week-end!

ciao bella.......
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Re: The boys are almost back in town....

Desmodiva ya got leathers and a helmet?
CONGRATS!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Got the leather... but no helmet yet... Maybe if Tony is kind enough to lend me one again.
.....Wait a minute... what time tomorrow?? I get done with work @ 12:00. So I have a lil' bit o' time that I may be able to go for a while.
Let me know if you think that your bike will be done tonight. I still plan on going to Bob's in the morning... so no matter maybe will still see you there... I just have to remember how to get there... lyndale and 27th... right?? It sounds like it might be a nice day, but who knows!!!
What time is the BBQ tomorrow??
Hey now... that isn't very nice!!! :'( And here I was thinking about joining Tony for a beer... See if I tip you!!!
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