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Hello Folks,
I have been a bit busy with life, and have not been on the board or even ridingfor that matter.

But now I am back and going to do it with a Bang.

on 13th Dec. 2003 (Saturday). I am going to do the whole of PCH from Santa Monica, all the way to the North to the Bay Area.

I have looked up the maps etc and seems pretty fun. And I will post more details in the following days.

It would be nice if lots of people can join for this ride. So if anyone has the weekend free and would like to participate...START POSTING!

I wish to make the ride relaxing (with frequent stops if necessary) and only for the scenic pleasure, that shall remain the objective.
My secondary objective is to put my bike to the test on long rides.

I'll put up a map with exact waypoints and probably a list of things that maybe interesting.

Let me know,

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Sounds like a cool ride and I would love to check the coast up....is it really 8 hours or more on pch? hmmmm......have to think about that one, I would rather ride then drool, but I really wanted to see the new Laverda in person.

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I have done this ride south from Monterey (took the 5 up in the interest of time) and it is awesome. But it is also very long. If you want to do it in a relaxing way, with frequent stops to check the view (which is often amazing) you will want at least one overnight in the middle each way. This makes it a 3 night/4 day excursion. Or, could take the highway on the return.

Also, the show should prove fun with a hopefully very large gathering of Monsters. Maybe you can join us for that and we can plan a large trip north for another time.

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Thanx Be and the people,

What I meant by a relaxing ride is that we have no time constraints (10 hours or 12 hours should not matter)

I wish to do it within a day. So If there are too many stop and look spots, I don't mind staying over in a motel before the destination.

I won't be coming back immediately, I have some travel plans, so I wiill come back with my bike only in Jan. (11th Jan 2003).


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Hey all,
Incase anyone was wondering... i did the ride from Los Angeles all the way to Sunnyvale,CA.
Started 8.15am beautiful weather. took the 101 all the way to Santa Barbara after which it becomes Highway 1.

Reached Lompoc at 10.40am (about 140 miles from downtown LA)
and Gas'd up there.

Because of the LA habit, i was doing about 85mph in a 65 zone and eventually got pulled over and got a Speeding Ticket.
Riding on the 1 for a long time..Next Stop was a cliff-lookout in San Simone (about 20 mins). Thought of going to the Castle, but gave it up coz I did not wanna get off my bike!

somewhere after San Simone, at around 12.30 I had to pullover for gas again, was shocked that the price of Supreme in a gas Station was $ 3.8 a gallon.!!!.. So i just spent about 4 bucks till i got to another gas station.

Rode all the way to Big Sur. Again stopped for gas (it was $2.6 here) . Time was around 2.45pm. took a short 15 min coffee break.

After Big Sur, I reached Monterey around 4.15-4.30 pm. Another Coffee break.

Since the Pacific Sun was setting and it was getting darker, I did not wanna ride along the coast anymore.

I think i took the 156 from there to 101 and rode to Sunnyvale. Rached Destination at 6.15pm.

My thoughts :
*ABSOLUTELY no bike trouble, (did about 460miles in 10 hours). My bike has done about 4700miles totally now.

*Comfortable Seat (although i had a backpack which was the cause of muscular shoulder pain the following day).

* I was lucky it was sunny, I was underprepared for rain or fogging. Should have worn more "winter oriented" gear.

* Having saddle bags or tank bags would have made it more comfortable. Would not recommend riding with a backpack for so long!.

Thats it folks, I'll be doing the same when i get back from my vacation (around second week of Jan). (from Sunnyvale to LA)

I lost the roll of film in the beach that had the pictures i took along the way.

I'll take another set of pictures when i do the ride back to LA. and post them.

Happy Holidays to all!.


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I finally came down the 5 on Jan 10th. 5hrs40mins total time, with a 20 min break inbetween.


On sunday, i got to wash the monster, its shiny and ready again.
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