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Thanksgiving Food Drive Party!!!

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Heather and I are having a food drive party the weekend before Thanksgiving. We only ask that you bring some canned food or non-parishables to donate to the needy in exchange for an evening of fun, story telling and debauchery. Please, no strippers this time! (unless female ;D) At our house Saturday, November 18th around 7:30 P.M. This is an excellent oppourtunity for us all to give something back to the community that we frequently overlook. We hope that you all we able to come and help out with this charitable cause. Please feel free to send a PM if you need directions or any other information.

Thank you in advance,

Heather and Eric
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My boyfriend and I had a great time. Awesome job on the basement, BTW.

Dammit, my boyfriend beat me to it! ::)
Thank you to everyone. This was a total success. We filled heathers car with the food and there is no more room for even one more bag. Glad you all chipped in to help out those in need. I am certain there will be a lot of happy people this holiday because of everyone's generosity.

Thanks again,

Heather and Eric
Just dropped off all the food to the Arlington Food Assistance Center...donations totaled 275 pounds worth of food! An AFAC staffer said they never see this much food from a house party...she said the amount we donated is more of what they see from a school food drive. Thank you again to everyone for their generosity. We've made a difference.
minus 1 jar of peanut butter?

Eric asked me the same thing...if I lifted a jar of peanut butter from the food donations! You'll all be happy to know that I PURCHASED the peanut butter at Giant the night before.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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