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Thanksgiving Food Drive Party!!!

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Heather and I are having a food drive party the weekend before Thanksgiving. We only ask that you bring some canned food or non-parishables to donate to the needy in exchange for an evening of fun, story telling and debauchery. Please, no strippers this time! (unless female ;D) At our house Saturday, November 18th around 7:30 P.M. This is an excellent oppourtunity for us all to give something back to the community that we frequently overlook. We hope that you all we able to come and help out with this charitable cause. Please feel free to send a PM if you need directions or any other information.

Thank you in advance,

Heather and Eric
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Count me in +1
Put me and Gwendy down in the maybe column. She's off that day so we're sure as hell going to try.

My +1 and I might be there. We'll keep you posted as it gets closer.
What day that weekend? If its a saturday, I'm in like sin
pilot1129 said:
What day that weekend? If its a saturday, I'm in like sin
Saturday!?! Damn, can't you read! [cheeky]
Emily said:
My +1 and I might be there. We'll keep you posted as it gets closer.
You guys better be here. Just bring all the food that Liam had when you met him, he doesn't need that instant stuff anymore. ;D
eettare said:
Saturday!?! Damn, can't you read! [cheeky]
oh, haha

yeah. I'm in. :)
Scott, I, and the contents of our cupboards are in. [thumbsup]
I wish I was in. Sally's in CA and I'm working. :'(

I'll see if I can clean out some of the pantry and rop it off before hand though.
Heather and I contacted the Arlington Food Bank to see exactly what items they need...we'll post a list shortly.
I'm out... wait... I mean I am not going to make it.

The 'rents are in that weekend.
The Arlington Food Bank has requested the following non-perishable items:

-Boxed cereal, oatmeal, breakfat bars & toaster pastries
-Pasta, rice, cookies & crackers
-Canned foods like soup, veggies, fruits, tuna fish, etc.
-Peanut Butter
-Baking supplies: Flour, sugar, salt, oils, spices, mixes and raisins

-Holiday Food items:
Boxed stuffing
Boxed Mashed potatoes
Canned cranberry sauce

Empty out your cabinets and we'll see you on the 18th.
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The Thanksgiving Food Drive Party is getting close!

As Eric and I start preparing for Saturday the 18th, we're trying to get a hold of head count. Some people listed themselves as a 'Maybe.' Can all the outstanding people please let me know if they're able to join us next Saturday?

This is an extremely important charity for many less fortunate Arlington residents. Any and all non-perishables goods are greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you need directions to our house, and remember, park in the street! We have an over aggressive neighbor that likes to call tow trucks.
party is tomorrow, see you all here about 7:30 [thumbsup]
Thanks for another great shin dig.

Sorry motorcycles tend to dominate the conversation. Wait, I'm not sorry. Good times.

Was that Eric at VIR on a box of Wheaties?
Great time. Lots of good fun. We'll have to do it again soon.
Thanks for a great time. My girlfriend and I had fun. [thumbsup]

Heather, good job on directing Eric on the basement. You made him do good work. [clap]
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