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Thank You all...

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To all of those that gave me information on cleaing/ washing my Monster... I have a few things to go out and buy but its well worth it.. Still smiling and day dreaming about when I'll get the chance to ride my bike again...

A lil story on the side:

One of my first times out with my bike (I've had it for a lil over a week and a half) I came up to a stop light and a New I'd say 02/03 BMW M3 pulled up and wanted to race I guess. Back a few years ago when I was younger and a lil crazier(back when I wanted a crotch rocket) all I thought about was getting a bike to do just that, pull up to expensive and fast cars and smoke them... As you all know the the M800 isn't a super bike but have enough nuts to have fun and leave a few people in the dust... Well this guy in his M3 wanted some and I didn't really at first.. but right after he left the light i said the heck with it... Twisted the throttle, through 1st and then through 2nd it was all over.... I had a HUGE grin and could not stop laughing. lol great moment... Thanks again everyone
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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