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Thank god for Riser Extentions

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Just unwrapped my Givi riser extensions and attached them to the ol' bike. What a flippen difference, unreal. I need a long ride to make final determination. Thanks to whoever made the suggestion. As far as looks are concerned, you'd have to look twice and know what your looking for to see them. Cool.
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I have been a bit confused about bar risers extentions. You get them because you are short, and your arms have trouble reaching the stock bars, or because you are tall, and you are leaning over too much with the stock bars?

Got mine to get a little more upright position. I'm 5' 11" so I wasn't leaning like crazy. Mine are the taller ones, Cycle Accessories West I think. They were a stretch for the brake lines but seem to be OK. Big difference, much less wrist pain. Vibration seems less too but I'm not sure how they would have had anything to do with it. I love them. --Matt
I apologize for the mistake, it's not Givi it's Gen Mar. Not a whole lot to see, billet pieces that slide into the existing risers and provide an 1 1/2 inches of rise and a 1 inch or so of reduced reach. Suprising that this small of an improvement would make the ride that much better. Who'd a thunk it.
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