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I created an account a few months back but hadn't needed to post yet. Realized I needed to introduce myself.

I've been riding for about 11 years now. I never thought I'd be into motorcycles. First bike was a cherry 1976 Triumph Bonneville 750. Great bike to get into riding. It instantly opened the door to many clubs and events based around vintage bikes. Not long after that I found myself buying every old Honda, Yamaha, Hodaka, Puch, Vespa, etc.. that came along in Austin. I was up to 30 vintage bikes within 3 years. Something had to change. I sold off a few and gave a few away. They just kept coming back.

I enjoyed riding and enjoyed being part of the vintage "scene". The old timer rallies were a lot of fun. Then one day a new rally in the area was organized. A person, soon to become a close friend, lost a daughter to cancer. To thank the Candle Lighters for all the help they had provided to his family he organized a rally with all the proceeds being donated to that charity. I attended the first rally and had a blast. It was freezing rain the entire time, if you knew that it was about 80 the week before you'd understand how miserable that was. The next year I offered to sponsor the event. This in turn led me to become the Platinum sponsor for this rally. I continued to sponsor it with cash for several years. A few years back I began adding restored motorcycles as part of the raffle prizes. The first bike I donated was a restored Vespa blue badge small frame scooter. The next was a rare little Yamaha YS1a twin. Last year was a matching pair of CZ 175's. This year I bought a 2000 Ducati Monster 750 to give away. Thought it would be nice to give away a street worthy bike. I got it on the cheap as the owner thought the clutches were out.

A little about the bike. As mentioned the owner thought the clutch was blown as it didn't build power. A few laps around the blocks at home, the main jet cleared and the bike lit up. I knew when I was looking at the bike that it was only running on 1 cylinder. A quick hand pat on the exhaust was a dead giveaway. The engine was rebuilt about 2,000 miles back before the last owner purchased it. The previous owner had let it sit for about 2 years before I came along. It won't idle. I put new timing belts on the bike, bought new sprockets, chain, battery, and tires. I just got my hands on a brand new set of 2000 M900 carbs that were removed by the dealer before the new owner picked up the bike. He requested they be swapped for FCR39's, who wouldn't? So I'm about to dive head first into this carb swap rather than fiddle with the old carbs. Not sure about all the jetting before I jump in, that's why I'm going to be posting these questions in Tech. Feel free to drop by and help out.

I'll also be looking for a set of stock, or what ever else you might have, slip on exhausts as it currently has some beat up Supertrap exhausts on it.

Thanks, Mike. P.
www.harvestclassic.org Check it out and maybe I'll see you there.
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