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Swingarm compatibility.

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I wanted to see if anyone knows if an 2002 M750 swingarm will work for an 2000 M750. I found a deal on an aluminum unit, but want to make sure it fits.
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Chris in SCruz said:
Has anyone thrown a 'Swingarm Swap FAQ' together yet? 

I'm trying to determine if a '99 M750 is considered a 'new' style frame or an 'old' one.
I know that things changed around 99 for the M900, but wondering if the same applies for the smaller bikes.

That said, which models would have a swingarm compatible with a '99 750?  Same would go for the 99 M600, I assume?


The 'old' style frames are '01 and earlier Monsters.

The 'new' or 'ST' style frames are found on '01 S4 and all '02 and later Monsters.
S4 frames are different from '02 and later air-cooled Monster frames, as several of the crossmembers are different.

'04 S4R frame is slightly different from the S4, pilot and passenger peg mounts are different, at the least.

'05 S2R frame has pilot and passenger peg mounts that appear to be the same as the S4R, not sure if they actually are the same. I imagine the S2R and S4R have different crossmember configurations as well.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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