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sunny but a little nippy but still went out .

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Friend , came over with his hybrid duc today so I could take a look at it . We didn't get to go for a very long ride because on the way over on the 520 bridge the seal to clutch let go inside the case and he lost all the fluid on the bridge. Luckly there is a duc shop not to far from were it happened so he repaired the seal in the parking lot. Well when he finally got here wow very interesting wish I got a pic from what I remember it's a 88 passeo engine in a bimota frame with 748 front faring , tank and seat . he has a lot of one off thing's on the bike that he had machined to mount aftermarket front brakes and rear and other little thing's that you notice after you look at the bike for awhile . the exhaust is just ,well ,not to sure how to say but wicked it's got the sound that just rumbles your whole body . Even when I was riding in front of him his bike was loud enough to hear clearly. We ran into three other sportbikes heading into town and one had a mini camcorder taped to his rear fender. They liked my friend's bike and asked use if we wanted to go with them to film themselve riding some twisty backroad's . Sounded tempting but we were a little short of time so coudn't make it. Just found out before he left to go home that he just picked up a 900 monster motor and a 900ss frame and is going to start another one . I'll see if I can get some pic's of it .
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Nice brief ride report........ I really love Woodenville WA, I spent time up there for Dog Shows.
I have a sister and brother in-law that live up there not to bad of a place . the winery's are the fun part of the drive up there.there are alot of fun road's east of there as well . not to crowded and most of the people have there head's out of there lower body orafice .
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