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Sunday November 19, 2006

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Gonna try to hook up with Industrial Grrrl tomorrow sometime early afternoon for a ride. Don't know where the meet is yet but I think the ride is gonna be local - 301/Harriman/etc.

Pm me if your interested.
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I can do before noon - maybe our paths will cross - I may be up around Tiorati then Perkins 11 is or so
I had to go test out my heated socks, mmmm warm. They're pretty painful though thanks to my boots being really tight. Guess I need new boots... ;D
Would have, could have, should have... Oh well.
Aw bite me rusty water boy! [laugh]
EvilSteve said:
I had to go test out my heated socks, mmmm warm. They're pretty painful though thanks to my boots being really tight. Guess I need new boots... ;D
How are the heated socks? Did you like them? What make/model are they? I was looking at the Gerbings myself but didn't know about fit or quality.
Yeah, Gerbing. They work really well, I would have looked pretty silly if people had been able to see under my helmet, what with the ridiculous grin on my face and all. ;)

They're just the standard heated socks that Gerbing do, I don't think they have more than one kind. The hookup to the battery is pretty easy and I bought an on/off switch for them so I can turn them off when I don't need them.

I'm having a couple of issues with them though. First one is that I need to set up a cable to run them more comfortably. Currently, if I stand up, they unplug, so I'm going to need an extension of some kind. The other issue I'm having is that, because my boots are so tight on me, I ended up with a blister and a lot of pain from the socks. I'm probably going to buy some new boots, probably Vendramini because they're awesome. ;) I'll keep my Sidi boots until they die at which point I'll get something different because they've never really fit me that well. In spite of these issues, I'd still recommend the socks. I'm looking forward to getting the heated glove liners too, once I've got that, I'm going to be a happy chap on my bike. ;D

The boots I'm probably going to get: http://www.vendramini.com/dynamic/en/dettaglioprodotto.php?mod_id=73&
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Did you go straight to the battery? I recently got Gerbing heated gloves and installed a Powerlet adapter (BMW and Ducati style power socket http://www.powerletproducts.com/products/ducati_monster.php) for ease of use. I have the adjustable controller and that plugs into the Y-cable extension which, in turn, connects to the Powerlet socket. I tie them up but that's still a lot of wires hanging around and I don't like that. Powerlet does have kits which mount into a tank bag and you can plug into that. I guess it cleans up the loose wires.

Your experience with boot fit is a good one to point out. I can't really wear socks that are too thick under my boots. I don't really want to get new boots just yet, though. I have a pair of CruiserWorks http://www.cruiserworks.com/products.cfm which are water proof (for real) and comfortable enough to wear out and about all day. I even wear them to work every day (biz casual). I love them but come to think about it I guess I could always use a new pair of riding boots. Mods for me ;D
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So I ended up riding but I didn't leave Bklyn until noon or so. Plans fell through with Industrial Grrrl cause, well, I'll let her break the news. BTW, I hope all is well Michelle!

I wasn't really cold until the way home on the PIP, but then I remembered I was wearing my vest so once I clicked it on, I was fine. I was pleasantly surprised at how many riders I saw in Harriman. Somebody needs to open up a coffee joint at Tiorati circle!!
Yeah, straight to the battery. The battery connector for the Gerbing stuff comes with an inline fuse and is meant to be connected that way. There wasn't too much in the way of loose wiring so I'm pretty happy. I didn't really want something too obvious on the bike. My plug is tucked away under tank zip-tied to the airbox mount. It's fairly easy to get to but not likely to get drenched if it rains.
Gerbings makes two kinds of heated socks. The original, where the heating elements are located trhough-out the socks, and the new "Comfort Socks" which has the heating elements only on the top of the foot in order to make walking about less uncomfortable.

The adjustable heat controller is the way to go. I have the dual controller which allows the jacket liner/gloves combo to be set at a different temperature than the pants/socks combo.

EvilSteve: Don't you have the "Y-extension" cable? It should have come with your socks. The cable allows you to wear the socks without the pants, and should be long enough for you to stand straight up. Unless you're an NBA player.
I have the Y adapter but it's still not long enough even with the Off/On switch inline. Maybe I'm not wiring everything right but I stood up while I was hitting a dirt road up near my place (me: Oh, that's what the rear end breaking loose on dirt feels like! ;)) and my feet got instantly cool. How do you route the wires from your socks to power? I only have the socks at this stage btw, I'm hoping to pick up glove liners. I may get the adjustable controller later, didn't want to spend too much on all this stuff without knowing whether I'd use it or not. As it turns out (with new boots ::)) I'll probably be using it a lot, means I can get many more rides in during the winter! :)

Test-Pilot was absolutely right about the socks, I have the "Comfort" socks and to be honest, they're pretty warm even when they're not on. ;)
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