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Sunday in the South.

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Yeah I know, last minute. Im still riding. Anyone?
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Where and when?
How about 8:30 at my house? Figger about 200 or so miles, maybe some homemade pie in Jullian?
8:30 at Casa de Ducman it is. [thumbsup]
See ya there Nick :)
We had a pretty good spin, considering the entire SoCal fleet of ToyHaulers was coming back from the Dez. :-\
They all seemed to be coming back early, maybe the storm that's supposedly moving in spooked the herd.

Chilly before we dropped down into Borrego, and the same up on Palomar.

Got a nice slide with my front tire on the road into Julian, courtesy of some behemoth sliming the road in all the right-handers. :eek:
Took a while to regain confidence after that.
Yep it was plenty nippley! Stupid toyhaulers :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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