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Sudden death on the parkway

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I was cruising along on the parkway at about 85 and suddenly my bike totally died. It felt like I had switched it off, I mean it wouldn't even sputter. So I coasted to a stop and tested to see if it was getting juice to the plugs. When I was turining it over with the plug wire off, (a spark jumping between a screwdriver and the top of the plug) it sputtered a little. So I choked it all the way and turned it over for about 30 seconds, then it started. It was fine the rest of the way home. Could it have been the fuel pump? Wouldn't it have sputtered a little before dying if it was a fuel issue? Is there some kind of electrical problem that could have made it act like this? Thanks, Jake
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There have been occasional problems with pinched fuel lines when the tank is raised and the fuel line is in the wrong place when the tank is put back down. There can also be problems with the breather hose being blocked so that there is a vacuum in the tank.

When cruising along on the freeway (sorry, I just can't bring myself to say "parkway"), you often don't get much warning when the carburetors go dry.

You have to crank the engine 20-30 seconds to pump enough fuel into dry carburetors before you have enough in there to start the engine.
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