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Stuttering when cold..

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Its getting pretty chilly up here in Wisconsin, although I have been riding when I can when it gets into the high 50's to low 60's (Getting pretty rare now)..

However, I noticed my 2000 Ducati Monster 750 stutters a lot when cold.. is this pretty normal? The owners manual says not to ride with the choke on, so I let it warm up for 5 minutes or so, turn off the choke and off I go.. When I am cruising along at a steady speed, it seems like I get a little spurt every once in a while.. which obviously gets less and less as I ride...

Is something wrong or is this normal behavior? Just the cold-blooded nature of an air cooled bike in cold weather? Or should I be checking something? It seems to go away after 10-15 minutes of riding..
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maicoktmducati is right. before re-jetting, my bike ran horrile when cold. now i can ide off almost immediately.
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