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To all my Chi-town area brothers (and sisters if applicable) I was wondering if meetiing up one day, night, weekend day, whatever at the Streets of Woodfield would be something anyone is interested in. I thought about it today and realized that it is at a great intersection point. I-90, 290, 355, etc...almost anywhere could end up here. I would love to meet fellow riders one day/night. If this is something worth doing, please post on. Hell, I'll go even if only one rider agrees. Weather depending we could do this weekend or even sooner. Lemme know, I'm game!!

id be down for a meet. (funny i just posted a similar message on the other thread about chicago clubs/events in the chicago area).

ill be there if im free that day.

streets of woodfield is that little strip mall area just south of woodfield mall. its off higgins/rt53. there's a gameworks/galyans/shaws crabhouse/movie theatre.
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