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Nice (and cold) ride tonight. Though colder heading home, I had the luck of the lights. Almost 15 minutes quicker going home. Nice to meet some other sportbike folks out there as well as the friendlies! And yes i'm looking at heated gear after this post!

It was a cold one for shizzle! When I arrived,Skywalker was there leaning against the wall like Joe Cool, and for a second I thought we were the only riders brave enough to handle the cold! After grabbing a chair and a bite of eat, along with some warm coco, we had the pleasure of meeting Blarney from the CLSB who caged, Chia with the freezing hands, Crazy Rick with the ST3, and the lovely Lady Lenor (I hope I got your name right) and we chatted away about riding and our various excursions.

I had a great time. It was replinishing to talk to some riders.

Strat (pronounced Straaht) was proud of us for braving the low temps. He made it an official a Strat holiday!

So honoured. :D

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