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When you cut the pipes, do you just hack the off with a saw or do you have to due something else first? I would like to just hack them off just before the Ducati writing, pull the crap inside out, and the drill some holes in the cap and screw it back on. Does this seem do able.


hey andrew,
before hacking off the end, unbolt the mounting brackets and stike the inlet end of the muffler (where it slips into the header) on a block of wood while holding the aluminum shell TIGHT. a couple whacks and you should see the shell slip back away from the tip. you'll have a couple inches of travel before it runs into the inlet section.
then cut the exhaust tip off just past the weld.
then cut a ring around the sleeve to the desired length.
then slide the remaining section of the sleeve back toward the inlet portion as far as it goes and cut through the inner muffler.
then slide the sleeve back into standard position and bolt the mounting bracket back on. it would be a good idea to apply a bead of high-temp silicone between the sleeve and the muffler body at that end to prevent blow-back leaks.
file a "lip" into the end of the aluminum shell and reinsert the exhaust tips with a rubber mallet.
drill 3/16" holes to drive rivets to secure. it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply a bead of high-temp silicone on the exhaust tips before driving them into the shell btw... not as critical here cuz they're a pretty tight fit.

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Put a bead of silicone at the other end of the aluminum sleeve as well or you'll have some exhaust gasses getting out that end too.

It's fairly easy to do all of the cutting if you have a bandsaw. I used up about 10 hacksaw blades doing mine by hand, though. :p
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