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jbardell said:
I am very interested in the pipes. I am new to the Ducati world and have an 06 S2R (which I just got and love!) Do I need any other mods (airbox, computer, etc) to use these or can I just bolt on? I would like a more sound out of mine, but dont want to dump thousands to do it or risk running the bike too lean. Where are you located?

Thanks. Josh.
I have an 2006 S2R 1000 and installed these just to get a bit more noise...wasn't interested in the performance gain and didn't have the money for a full system at the time. Bike sounds incredible with the cored cans...nice deep bass sound. Installation is simple and no other modifications are necessary.

I'm getting rid of these because I'm going to replace the entire exhaust with a full system.
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