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I apologize if this is a breach of etiquette, but I wanted to try to help out Dave Moss -- an important figure in the California motorcycle community.




I need your help. My trailer was stolen at about 6am
this morning from outside the house, and it had
everything in it but bikes. Locks were cut etc and a
neighbor just came by to tell me.

Wells Cargo 2001 17x7 tanden axle in white. No decals.
Rusty grey wheels.

Contents - everyone knows that. And I do mean

Serial # 1WCc200g2424045151

License 4GJ4165


Dave Moss
Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning
[email protected]

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That sucks. Dave has helped me out when doing tracks days down at T-Hill. He's a good guy and hate to see this.
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