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Looks really nice with the grey wheels. I'd have to go along with the rest of the sugesstions. Ditch the mirrors for some bar ends, loose all the reflectors and stickers, re-tie the wiring bundles so they aren't all over your frame, chop the tail, or at least loose all that crap hanging under the duck-bill (the DML plate holder would do that for you), and start looking into some slip-on exhaust cans.

IMO, with the subdued coloring of the grey on grey, anything you do flatten the lines of the bike out and make it look sleeker will be apealing to the eye. Right now, those big silver cans and the mud-flap/plate holder tend to draw the eyes and on first glance one misses the rest of the bike. Maybe shorten or remove the hugger as well, stock bikes just look too fat back there to me.

Good luck, have fun,
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