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This is seemingly an easy quick question:

Looking to have the stock spring replaced on my stock/standard issue rear shock.

Here's the catch - I am nowhere near the bike, so I can't just go stare at it for any length of time and figure it out right now. The bikes 3 hours away from me in a shop getting worked on.

On a 1999 M900, with adjustable forks, (NOT the "S" model)

Who makes: the rear shock? (Manuf.)
Who makes: the forks?

Curious as to my options for a short term fix via HyperPro while I save for the big goodies from Penske/Ohlins/Matris. And thus to respring it, I'd have to know the manuf. of this particular rear shock. I combed my manual, which I do have handy and found nothing helpful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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