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I have noticed a lot on ebay that some people list there stock cans as by Remus or Termi. Now I noticed that some have the Termi logo etched into the gray cans, but what about the Remus? I'm not talkin the Ducati performance pipes or carbon fiber ones, I mean the plain old titanium/aluminum or whatever they are cans. Is they only way to tell by part number or all they all one set type unless they have the Termi stamp on them? The people on ebay try to make them sound like they have a special set of "stock" pipes. I know they are trying to get people to buy, but I wondered if there really was a difference.

there is really no appreciable difference between stock factory pipes irrespective of which manufacturer supplied/made them. (unless/until Strati gets his hands on them)

All the invited or interested manufacturers will submit bids to Ducati to supply stock cans....their pricing is based upon costs and profit requirements involved in meeting a bid spec put out by Ducati for the part.

Ducati will award the supply contract to whichever supplier gives them the best price and still meets the minimum quality standards/bid spec.

Do Remus or Termi build a "better quality" stock can? well maybe the welds are a little cleaner, but remember it is all about reaching the lowest manufacturing costs in order to submit the winning competitive bid.

The only reason I would care if it was one maker or another is if I were restoring a vintage bike to factory spec, then I would want the proper pieces for that production period

and yes folks on eBay are just trying to give their stock cans some sort of distinction from the others as being made by a "name brand" performance part manufacturer....its the timeless human connivance called marketing ;)

i've hacked apart pretty much all brands of stock ducati monster pipes and have found virtually no difference in any of them regarding build quality. so far i've come across:
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