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Stock exhaust for S2R 1000

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forgot to pick up my stock exhaust at beverly hills ducati when i had arrows installed. Any body got the stocker? PM me

Los Angeles area
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I have a clean set off my S2R 800, but I'm not 100% certain they are identical.

If they are, I'd be happy to let them go pretty cheap.

I've emailed you.

You takin off the Arrows? I might swap you some cash ::)
sounds cool, i never got the email though, pm me please :)
pm'd you [thumbsup]
still want some stock cans? swap?
I have some cored S*R cans
HI, if you still need them I have stock pipe from a s2r1000 06 that were never used
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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