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stock bars upside down

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I was chatting about clip ons the other day with a fellow rider. The suggestion came up that the stock bars could be turned 180 or upside down to lower bar hgt. Has anyone done this with success? Any pictures
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Talk to C-rex a far as I know he's the only guy that's done it.

C-rex = Mr. flippy upsidedown bar guy.
Gah! Paper has branded me! [cheeky]
c_rex said:
Gah! Paper has branded me! [cheeky]
Damn straight ;D

Mostly I just have fun saying that.
Do it and post a full report WITH pictures!!

check out the link above. if ya want more pics let me know.
I have been sneaking around this board for sometime now planning out my "don't have yet" Monster and everytime I see the " Mr. flippy Upsidedown bar guy" come up... it just makes me chuckle... That's funny, I don't care who you are.

By the way Mr flippy upsidedown bar guy, how much clearence did you gain or loose in turning radius? sorry, couldn't resist.
hee hee... I think it's pretty funny too.

Didn't lose any turning radius but if you look at the photo posted in the other link you'll see my finger 'tween the controls and tank with the bike leaned over on the sidestand. Plenty of room! [cheeky] I haven't touched the tank in any turns, not even walking it while parking. The bars are so wide to begin with that there's a lot of range from side to side. I suppose if I ever went down and the bars flexed at all I'd have a dented tank but heck ... I'll have bigger issues than that to deal with in such an instance.
::takes all credit for the flippy upsidedown bar guy thing::

[clap] ::Bows::
c-rex's new name immediately reminded me of a radio commercial-

They should make a "Real Men of Genius" commercial about you.

Those commercials always make me laugh.


You sir when poised with the question of clip-ons stood in the faces of those who had purchased and fitted clip-ons said, hell no.

Your reluctance to buy the actual bars lead you to a new discovery, flippy upside down bars.

Some may laugh, some may applaude, but you only know one thing. You saved $90 to spend on beer. $90 to toast those others who will follow in your footsteps of cheapasses who won't buy used.


aneiser bush st. lewis moussouri.
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Hell yeah! [clap]

This is what keeps me coming back.
Autostrada Pilot said:
Hell yeah! [clap]

This is what keeps me coming back.
Damn straight ;D
LOL I'm headed to the fridge! Then I'm going to pick up the kids at school. errr... [laugh]
Nice day in SoCal, so I decided to do a "flippy" on my S4Rs bars. Much better riding position for local canyons. Dropped nose 5mm and up one turn on rear ride height. Bike feels like it's on rails.
I tried it but it wasnt my cup of tea, neither were the standard bars right way up. :-\
[thumbsup] Welcome to Club Flippy-Upside-Downy! [thumbsup]
cassiopia said:
I tried it but it wasnt my cup of tea, neither were the standard bars right way up. :-\
What kind of riding are you doing, what are you looking for?
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