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i don't know if they are made by the same people, or which one is better, but i can say that i have a STM slipper clutch and it works great, is a top quality piece of gear and looks beautiful! not sure about the U.S but here in oz supply of parts, pricing and info is lousy, the only downside i'm afraid. :-\

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Hi Guys,

EVR and STM are not the same, also EVR are not produced by STM

EVR = Edo Vigna Racing , Edo the designer for the most of STM Clutches, but they stop the cooperration.

So Edo (first name) Vigna produce clutches under his own brand EVR

This are Edo, a realy nice guy :)

Anyway ... STM and EVR are good products ! But also check RCM Racing on our website :)

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