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Hey everyone!
My name is Itamar, from Israel.
After 3+ years on scooters (there are many more scooters than bikes here), I decided to make the switch to motorcycling.
I still can't believe my first real bike is a Ducati. There are probably just a couple 100's of Ducatis here, and I'm a very happy owner.
I bought the baby monster - 2009 696 Monster, bought in Ducati Red.
The bike is very close to stock at the moment, here's a list of current / planned changes:
-Color Therapy kit to make it a Pearl White monster (I think it will look great with the red frame)
-Lowered seat (I'm actually quite tall, but after trying all seat options, I think the lowered seat offers a better connection to the bike, and is more comfortable when riding in town)
-Front sprocket changed to 14T
-Axio tail bag - very happy with it
-Adding frame sliders - MAYBE
-Replacing stock mirrors - MAYBE
-Fat-Bar - MAYBE
-Tail chop - MAYBE
-Termis - MAYBE (not very likely - I'll probably save the money for my next bike)

BTW, I don't know how it is in other countries, but the Ducati family in Israel is really close. I really like the fact that whenever I step into the dealership I'm greeted with an honest and friendly welcome, followed by a nice espresso... :)

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