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I've had that el cheapo Monster steering damper Stuart sells for about 12000 miles now. It's been fine, no complaints. Although different settings all felt the same, I've always had it on max, and haven't experienced any wobbles. I'm taking a few track days soon and think it might be a good time to throw it away even if it appears to work fine.

Any objections?

Wondering if I should replace it with another, or throw cash on a servicable one, maybe an Arrow. Money is an object, actually, considering all other expenses. What's the verdict on those cheap dampers and cost effectiveness?

As an example, Ohlins recommends servicing their damper every 6500 miles or 20 hrs, track (racing).
Considering what a dampers function is, I would try to get one I know works, how it works, and is serviceable. 2 cents.....
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