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Hi All,

For my fun, and perhaps your interest, I'm going to post pictures of my starting point, with modifications as I go along. Where I can, I'll add links to what I bought, how-to-videos that I watched, and perhaps weight savings by part.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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It seems that your S2R 800 already has upgraded calipers and rotors
I hadn't noticed. Nothing like posting some pictures and getting an upgrade out of it!

I guess that they're 320mm rotors now, any idea what the calipers are?

Bike's in the shop at the moment, so I can't check.

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Hey All,

UPDATE on progress.

Getting il mostro back from the shop tomorrow with BST's, fresh Pirelli's, and d-moto racing aluminum valves on it. Also, the weekend is major mod time - will be doing the following with a lot of coffee, nicorette, and my trusty 9 year old assistant (son).

Arrow Full Exhaust
Driven Aluminum Bars (1-1/8") SBK version
Driven D3 grips
Aluminum Resvervoir Covers
Mirror plugs
CRG Lane Splitter Mirrors
Removal of Factory Stickers
Removal of Shock Reflectors
Removal of front signals (legal in AZ)
Driven 7/8 to 1-1/8" bar mounts with 8mm rise
Carbon Front Fender
Carbon Belt Covers
Carbon Beer Tray Cover (no chop - yet...)
Carbon Chain Guards
Competition Werkes Integrated LED Tail Light
Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator
Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder
CNC Racing Front Sprocket Cover - Aluminum
RR relocator (prep for Corse Dynamics Air Intake Upgrade)
PCIII installation - and remap for Exhaust
CNC Racing Aluminum Rear Brake Reservoir
Magnecor ignition wires
748 Steering Damper mounted with Bitubo Mounting Kit (might be some extra work here - tbd)
Aluminum Frame Plugs
Cox Aluminum Oil Cooler Guard
Ducati Performance Barend Sliders - Aluminum
Remove Rear Passenger Footpegs
Remove Fuel Evaporation Canister
Remove Fairing

Pictures of all will be taken before and after, then posted. I also plan to create a chart for weight difference piece by piece and overall. I expect at least a 25lb weight reduction out of this round, with 11 being due to the new wheels (unsprung).

Removing/replacing the air-intake, crankcase overflow, and battery should be a next solid round weight savings. More coming after that, but that should keep me occupied and busy for the weekend.

Lot's of parts coming up for sale in the near future, including frshly powder coated marchesini black 5 spoke wheels, old corbin seat, and cat delete pipes.

Can't wait to tear into it... wish me luck.

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Picture coming tomorrow. Too f*ing hard with an iPad and file size limits.

Got my S2R back from the shop today with new tires, belts, fluids, BST wheels, and moto-d stems.

Rode it home, and started tearing into the project.

Installed a full Arrow System
Installed integrated tail light
Installed fender eliminator (no chop - but damn it was tempting)
Installed billet front sprocket cover
Installed Oil Cooler Guard
Installed frame plug kit
Removed a few stickers
Removed front signals
Removed Fairing
Removed One Mirror - the other is soaking in WD40 tonight

Found out that the CF belt covers don't fit
Found out that the CF Front Fender doesn't fit
Found out that the CF Chain Covers are a PITA to remove without the proper tools
Found out that the DP Oil Filler Cap doesn't fit
Found out that the Driven 7/8" to 1-1/8" handlebar converter doesn't fit

Have to check to see whether I ordered the wrong parts, or if they were mislabeled - at this point I'm assuming that it was my mistake :(

All that in just six hours of work and some $$$

Also found out that the tank is expanded - have to figure out what to do there - all gas seems to have ethanol now - nowhere nearby to get 95 RON pure gas.

Plenty more to do, but I'm ahead of schedule!



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Update #2

Lots of cleaning (Brasso, Goof Off, Water)
Found out that my Aluminum Reservoir Covers don't fit
Removed Stuck Cat Ear Mirror, turned mount upside down (so as not to see the built-in threads, and installed billet mirror plugs
Installed Left Side CRG Lane Splitter Mirror
Finished Removal of Factory Stickers (Goof Off Rocks)
Installed Front Carbon Chain Guard
Installed CNC Racing Aluminum Rear Brake Reservoir
Installed Ducati Performance Barend Sliders - Aluminum
Remove Fuel Evaporation Canister
Removed both Chain Guards

Went for a ride - beautiful. If anyone says they need more power (I totally get that - not judging), BUT try some BST's because I really can't believe the difference in wheel acceleration, and entering a corner. The first time I turned, I almost fell over the bike entered the corner so much faster than previously :) The front tire wants to come off the ground all the time (something that this and my previous S2R 800 didn't do without really intending to do it).

The Full Arrow exhaust ROCKS - I had Termi slip-ons on my last S2R 800, and this kills that (of course the full system makes a big difference).

I got paid, and ordered the CORSE DYNAMICS high flow air-intake kit from MotoWheels - really looking forward to getting that in.

Tomorrow - Oberon clutch slave installation, R/R relocation, Fork Reflector removal, PCIII installation, more cleaning, and more riding (even if it's 115 degrees here).

FYI - I have a lot of stock parts laying around if anyone needs something PM me.


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I think it's ridiculous that in order to install a rear chain guard the back wheel needs to come off. That waits for a new rear rotor, which is in the mail (found out that mine is .4 too low). Going to try a Galfer Wave Rotor.

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re: Chain Guard

I've changed my guard without wheel removal. CF wheels are sweet but at a cost. High cost.

PM me your take off parts list. Might be something I can use.

I'll post a list of parts soon.

re: chain guard - I didn't even think of that. I need to stop blaming first and think more :(

Anyway, maybe there's some tool that makes this easier...
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