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stands for winter, need advice

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I know this is probably a topic that has been addressed a lot, but I need fresh advice. Since this will be my first winter as monster owner, I am beginning to get everything I need to winterize my bike. When it came to keeping my bike off the ground, I ran into an obstacle. I was going to buy a motorcycle jack from sears for a mear $99, but was told the header pipe would be in the way and it would never work. Back to the original idea of stands, but they just seem so expensive to me. I am no mechanic, so I don't need "the best" for obvious reasons. But I want something that I don't have to worry about seeing my bike on the ground one morning. To get to my point, finally, does anyone have or recommend the "Handy Industries" universal stands. $99 for front and rear sound like a great price, but is this one of those "you get what you pay for" things? The bike will be covered and not moving all winter, so I was hoping these would do the trick. I appreciate any help or advice I can get.
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PitBull stands are the best.... but I heard on previos threads that the handy stands were good. I heard Lockhart Phillips were cheaply made and will break. I bought the Scorpion rear stand at Competition Accessories, it is sturdy and so far no problems, and a fair price.
A very wise man once told me that "when you buy quality tools, you only cry once."

Come to think of it, that's probably the second-best advice I've ever received - after "never get involved in a land war in Asia." :)

If you're looking for cheap and don't want to be able to take the forks off, the Handy stands sound like a good deal.

However, I just bought a set of Putbull stands and they're clearly of superior quality to the other less expensive stands that I've seen and used. You know when you put the bike up on them that it's going to stay there. But, I spent close to $300 for the pair, so at three times the cost they ought to be significantly better.
You paid 300 for the pair? I have only purchased the rear pit bull with the reversable heads I paid 130 at cycle gear, what is the price of the front? It is really worth the bucks.
You can find Pitbull stands on ebay for less then a 100.
That's just what the bid is up to so far. I bet the final price is closer to actual retail.
I've seen the buy now price at 79.99 on Pitbull stands. Have to keep your eye out though, they go quickly.
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