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Squeaking Sato rear sets

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i'm aware that similar problem (with rizoma sets) has been recently posted; i've read it but the solution does not apply to my problem.......hence my question

i have a problem which i hope you'll help me solve
the rear sets on my S2R suddenly started squeaking for no apparent reason. where the sets are bolted on to a bike they squeak like mad and the slight vibration which i can feel through the pegs occurs. when i loosen up the bolts the squeaking stops but i'm rather hesitant to ride with the rear sets loosely attached to the bike; for obvious reasons
the moment i tighten the bolts; using a torque wrench; the squeaking comes back
the bolts are fully lubricated and the bike has been at the motorcycle engineering shop for a mechanic to look at - no solution has been found

would you be able to suggest a solution to my problem?

i've e-mailed sato with this question but thought that maybe one of you had this problem and would pont me out in the right direction.........thank you
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Sounds exactly like the problem I had with my Rizomas. After analyzing the situation, I'm pretty sure the sqeak comes from the washer that goes between the bolt and the rearsets. The friction between the two causes the squeak. I tried greasing the washer really well, but after a few minutes of riding, the grease would get worn out and the squeaking would start all over again. I even tried polishing the washer and that didn't help.

My solution that has worked so far is to locktite the bolt and use less torque. I marked the bolt positon with a pen and check it often and it hasn't moved in the last week.

I think that the difference in the metals between the aftermarket rearsets and the stockers might be the problem. The aftermarket rearsets are probably made of a harder material, causing wear against the washer, causing the squeak.
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that's what my mechanic has suggested - to change the washer and see what happens
he used locktite to na avail, however, when the sets were loosen up a bit, the squeaking would disappear
will follow your exact steps tomorrow

the strange thing is that i have those sets for months now and all of the sudden this happened. not gradually but suddenly; i start the bike, leave the garage and bang - the squeaking starts

will keep you posted
thanks for a suggestion
if its a stainless or galvanized washer change it for an aluminum or kevlar washer, its probably from the aluminum rearsets bleeding the chemicals that aluminum usually does and it will actually resist the stainless instead of seat against it. Also, there's a good chance its the bolt itself which is pretty common if its an aluminum bolt.
finally, if the rearsets were anodized, that would contribute as well, the chemical again will keep the aluminum from seating properly, kinda like a teflon non stick frying pan.
what else is annoying is the vibration i can feel coming through the pegs
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