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I am new to Ducs (an MS4R) and am going to drop a tooth in front. On my previous Jap bikes I'd recalibrate with a Yellow Box. Since, I am told, the speedometer runs off the rear wheel to the ECU, will it still be as acurate as before.

Please say yes, as Yellow Box does'nt make anything for Ducatis.

BTW, I could'nt be any happier with my Monster. Previously I had a ZX-12R and a Busa in my stable. They were blunt instruments...this is a surgical scalpel. 8)

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If you crawl around inspecting the area near your rear brake disc, you should find the small black speedo sensor. My pics of an S4R don't show that area very well...

If it is as I suspect, it's picking up the wheel speed, so you can regear as you please with no effect on the speedo.
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