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SPIDI leathers?

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Anyone have any experience with, or opinions of SPIDI leathers? Seems like well made stuff to me, but what the he!! do I know?!
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Have never worn a Spidi - but have heard many good things. I think it is a big brand for UK riders - so you should get reviews in UK Bike mags - or Motorcyclenews.com.

And by the way - Herb - did you get your bike from Al Gillen?
I didn't buy my bike from Al - but wish I did. I did have a couple of services done by him - and he helped me out a couple of times.

Good man - I just saw you were from Buffalo and assumed you were using him. I am originally from Youngstown (all tucked away up there) - so Al was the closest Duc dealer (thak god).

Say hi to him next time you are in there - he might remember me - just tell him I am the joker who shipped his S4 over to Dublin.

As far at the SPIDI goes - I actually came across a couple of reviews on their suits / jackets this weekend - and they are definitely recommended (and crash tested).
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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