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Hi all,
I have a problem with the "Black Boxes" on the ignition of my 95 900. A friend was using the bike and first experienced a loss of spark on one cylinder which he fixed by replacing the plug-in black box (beside the battery) with the unit from my M750 Monster. This resulted in the loss of the other spark from the 900, so the second black box from the M 750 was put on the 900. The 900 bike now runs OK. However, I purchased two new black boxes (used but from another 900 running engine) and put them on the M 750. As the battery was down a little and the bike had not been running since last summer, I left the charger connected whilst I cranked over the M750. The left side black box immediatly fried, and I shut everything down. On checking, the left side black box was partially melted but the right side one was OK, or at least was not hot. I have another replacement black box (new) on order but I want to know if there are any checks I can do in the meantime to see if anything else is wrong, or if the fry-up was caused by the battery charger. I want to take the black boxes from the 900 and put them back on the Monster but do not want to fry them in the process. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Mike Young

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