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Spare Fuses on M620?

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I'm a new owner of an '03 M620Dark. I've just finished putting the first 600 miles on the bike and am loving it. I wanted a lightweight around-town missile, and this is fitting the bill nicely.

My question relates to information in the manual, page 67, wherein it states that of the eight fuses in the main fuse box, only 6 of the fuses are connected; there are 2 spare fuses. All 8 of the fuse descriptions (page 69) are certainly things that need to be connected. Does anyone know if and where there are actually two spare fuses?

As an aside, I also installed a PowerLet connector yesterday, which will allow easy access to the electrical capabilities of the bike - to power radar detectors, MP3s, cell phones, etc., and to allow hook up of a Battery Tender during those weeks of snow & ice on the roads. Check out http://www.powerletproducts.com/index.html if you are interested in this idea. Also check out http://wolfcentral.net/aprilia/powermate.htm for an example of how to create a powered tankbag - I use the same tankbag on my Monster as I do on my Futura.
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There are no spare fuses on the 620 monster. I found this out when I blew one. Even the dealer thought it had them but both of us could not find them.
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