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Sold my H**da, 3000.00 for monster toys.

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Well Ebay strikes again. I finally got up the courage to my 72 CB750 cafe racer on ebay. And it sold in one day, I'll be delivering it to LA tomorrow and returning with 3000.00 to blow on my Duc. Any suggestions?
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I don't think $3k is gonna go very far towards carbon wheels....

Everybody who gets mag wheels seems to like 'em a lot.
Nobody on this list has fessed up to carbons on their Monster, but somebody somewhere must have done it.
Next time I'll look it up before yapping ... :-[

Here's as close as I can come to the DP wire wheels:

Thanks to Michael Moore again for the pic.
Dangit, now I'm thinkin' about wire wheels again... :eek:
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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