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SOLD FS Ducati 900SS/FE - Texas

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Pictures located on page 1 here http://pictures.aol.com/galleries/jaythomass/page1

Price $6000.00
Location Texas Hill Country
PM with questions
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Re: FS Ducati 900SS/FE - Texas

:embarassed: :-\ I'm almost sick to my stomach to see you put all of em up! I'm REALLY bummed that I just don't have the money to grab at least one or two to preserve (and ride) for you... :'(
Re: FS Ducati 900SS/FE - Texas

Thanks brutha...I'm not happy either; but, its just one of life's chapters. I'm sure the FE will sell soon as there are 3 people coming this weekend to check it out. I think we are going to try and ride to the Harvest Classic and hope to see ya there.
Re: FS Ducati 900SS/FE - Texas

agree with Hiero. nice collection, wish i could buy all 3. :) hope things work out for you.
I received a deposit on the FE. Now who wants a sweet a 851 or MS4?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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