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After looking at prices I decided that I am lowering it to 6,000 to get it sold. Didnt realize it lost so much value.

I got a 2009 696, Pearl White.

Completely stock, with about 2800 miles. Got the bike before last season with about 2,000 miles.

I've flopped back and forth with bikes the last few years. I want to have a bike but unfortunately, my life keeps taking them away. I just dont have the time or place for one right now. I've also got an engagement in the works so the money would definetly come in handy.

No mechanical issues, never dropped.

Two things, the bike was moved using the blinkers as handles... Stupid parking garage, so there is a very small broken piece where headlight meets blinker. Didn't fix it because it's not noticable and doesn't affect anything.

Also when the seller sent bike he checked the title saying that spedometer was passed it's mechanical limit, he said he misread it; I didnt want to wait for new title because of distance and didn't expect to need to sell it. Unfortunately now I an selling it and the title is stuck with that. Lowered price to help.

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