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This same bike was previously listed with some extras but I'm relisting it now at a lower price with less of those extras. So here's the specs, some of this may sound familair if you read my previous listing...

Selling my Monster in order to buy a Multi. The girlfriend and I are looking to do a lot of long distance riding together next season and the Monster just isn't up to the task. I'll own a Monster again though, I'm sure of that.

Anyway, here's what she's got:
ARC Fabrication megaphone exhaust
one CRG Blindsight mirror (stock mirror mounts were swapped out for stock mounts without mounting holes)
Sport Classic black belt covers and sprocket cover
Evoluzione license plate relocator
front and rear suspension work (see below)

I haven't done much to her but most people comment that she has a nice clean, spare look. The stock tires are still on the bike except that the rear was replaced at 4,000 as I got a screw in it. So the new rear has only 1,700 miles on it. The front windscreen was only recently mounted so it's in new condition. The tank and rear cowl are in excellent condition.

Mileage is just under 6,000. All service has been performed at BCM Motorsports. So far she's had a first service, some dyno time to adjust for the exhaust, and her full service (a little early so I can sell the bike ready to go). Many S2R 1000 owners have been having problems at around 4-5,000rpms. We spent a good deal of time on the dyno and eventually got it set up perfect. At the moment, with just the ARC pipes (meaning slip-ons only, I haven't removed the udder) I am running an open (cut) airbox with the O2 sensor unplugged and am making 86hp on our dyno. She pulls hard at all RPMs with no stumbling or surging at all.

I replaced the rear spring with an Ohlins 11.0 spring that is more appropriate for my weight (215lbs with gear). I also replaced the fork springs and set the rebound and dampening. If your weight is similar to mine you're getting about $450 worth of suspension set-up.

I'm asking $7,800. You're getting a lightly modified bike with a custom exhaust that's had a little dyno tuning and has had its service done so you won't need anymore than an oil change for the next 6,000 miles.

NOTE: Bike is located in Laconia, NH - I am willing to deliver the bike as far as NYC for free.

Click here for more pictures:
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