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WHAT are you waiting for?

After many threads, emails, and trips to the screener we have ordered t-shirts! First run is on white. It was cheaper to do them on white and since it seems i will end up fronting the $$ to bail them out next week that seemed like a good idea.

The cost will be $12 for short sleeve any size (any size that I ordered, see below for sizes) for So Cal Monster members. (You have a dot on our map.) For other then So Cal members they will be $16. Locals can pick them up at my house in HB or from me, Tom, or Anthony if prearranged before a ride. If you want it shipped add $4 per shirt and don't stress if it takes me a few days to send it out.

*They cost a few bucks less then we are charging.*


I do not need the few bucks per shirt and it's not worth the time that it takes to get them made for anyone to get bent out of shape on the extra few bucks. Anthony and I kicked this around and figure we will kick down a bit to the DML to help run the board, have some reserves so I don't have to kick down for the next batch whenever that is, and do little things like pay for gas on a DML ride or any other worthy suggestions that people come up with. If your worried about your dough being left with a hooligan :) I'll just tell you that I have passed three police background checks in the last year and am going through another right now. My integrity is worth more to me then a few bucks...

Now that we are all on the same page. I ordered using the spreadsheet that Anthony made. If you said you wanted 1 black I ordered you 1 white. If you don't want it that's OK I'm sure we will sell it eventually. If you ordered 2 black and 2 white I just ordered the white for you. I did get 2 tanks for Tom. :-* I also ordered extra's of each size for anyone else that want's one. I also ordered 6 XL and 6 L long sleeve shirts with the So Cal Monster words to be printed on one of the sleeve's. One is mine and one is Anthony's. Rest are first paid, first served. And yes I'll pay for mine. ADD $4 for a long sleeve shirt.

Short sleeve: Med. (not many), a bunch of L and XL.

Anyone that want's to be really cool and pay now that would be appreciated. It's gonna cost me like 5 bills to pick this stuff up next Thursday.

Paypal address to pay at is [email protected]
You can PM either Scott S. or Nick / Speeddog830 for more details. Scott S. can ship yours to you, or if you've paid for one I can hand deliver it to you on the next ride. That should cover it...

A big thanks to Matty C. for the awesome artwork, Scott and Anthony for turning 'em into the real thing, and Tom M. for the cool photos.

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